A stylish app that beautifies your phone's desktop

The app contains features such as widgets, wallpapers, and charging animations.

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About The App

Stylish interface design, practical functions, and different styles are waiting for you to choose


Different types of wallpapers to choose from

We provide you with high-definition wallpapers, you can change the wallpaper according to your mood, every day is a different mobile phone interface

widget Type

We provide you with different types of widgets, which can be customized and edited

Clock Widget

You can change the style and color of the clock widget, completely customized according to your preferences

Countdown Widget

Put the most important anniversaries on the table and remind yourself not to forget

Battery Widget

Real-time observation of mobile phone power, no longer forget to charge

Charging Animation

Choose your favorite charging animation to make the charging process fun

The design of each charging animation is very cool, in line with the trend of aesthetics

You can choose the type you like, there is always one that suits you

When the phone is stationary, the charging animation will not stop playing